Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher is one of the important equipment when you are decided to start a business. It is to ensure and avoid happening on fire accident. Because of this, every town council require all the premises to buy at least 2 units of fire extinguisher in their premise.


Type of Fire Equipment Provide


Fire extinguisher is a important safety equipment must have in your premise. To encourage all the business prepare fire extinguisher for their shop. Some of the town council require business owner to prepare fire extinguisher in order to apply the business license. Do not know where to get this service? Find us! We send and install the fire extinguisher as well.


Do you know your existing fire extinguisher must renew yearly? There is the expired date on every fire extinguisher. If you able to notice it, you will know when is your fire extinguisher should renew.


Have you used the fire extinguisher once? if yes, you have to request refill powder for it. So that you can use it effectively when happen something emergency. Normally we do assist our client to check whether the fire extinguisher has been used before when they request for renew.