Architecture & Engineering Plan Approval

What is the engineering or architecture drawing plan? It is a procedure of drawing the layout plan of the building, rooms and others. Normally is for those who wants to design and rebuild structure of their space.  They will have the layout plan before change and after change the design.

To make the changes of the building structure. You have to acknowledge and get the permission from the town council.  This is because each of the Jabatan Bangunan wants to know how is your building going to change. They want to make sure that your building has not remove some of the important structure and it is still safety after renovate.

There are several type of engineering and architecture drawing plan. Some are for property building and some are for item like signboard. And each of it has different kind of procedure, time consume and requirement.

Partition & Renovation Plan

Type of Drawing plan


Partition room or part in your premise. Then you need to get the approval from authorize party. This is because they want to knows how many parts that you have create in your premise. Normally we advise client to run this partition plan then only can get the business license easily.

If you are doing a complicated or big renovation for your shop. Then you may move the original structure part of original room. Some council require you to get an architect to draw the layout plan and get the approval from related authorize. Otherwise you might unable to get the business license during the application.

MEP Drawings often referred to M&E Drawings are shop drawings used for the coordination and installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing building services.

Bomba Plan is more on focusing overall security and safety requirement in indoor area and the building. They will check whether your layout has the security equipment such as the back doors, back stairs and others.