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Type of business & signboard license in Malaysia

Identifying the type of business & signboard license in Malaysia

While you are considering to apply the business & signboard license. First thing you have to think about it is the location that you have decided to set up your own business.

Once you have rent or own the property in that location you have decided, try to identify who is the authorise town council in charge this area. For instance, if your business address stated “KUALA LUMPUR”. Most probably it will be under Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur DBKL authorise. But please be caution that address might not the main source you can use to identify the authorise town council. Meaning that not every “KUALA LUMPUR” is under regulate by DBKL. Another example here is address: KEPONG INDSUTRIAL PARK, KUALA LUMPUR. It is under control by Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS). In this situation, we know that this area is not belongs to DBKL, it has beyond the border of Kuala Lumpur. So it consider under control by MPS (Selayang).

To avoid this kind of situation, we do advise our client to check the Cukai Pintu to see whether the location is regulate by which town council. It will stated the Authorise town council letter head of the Cukai Pintu (Refer to the Image 1). By doing this, we can assist you for further step of license application.


Next, clearly knowing that what are the natural business activities you are going to run. One of the important parts to make sure that you will not going to apply a wrong license. Some of the business activities are easily to discern such as Food & Beverage business which is recognise as Restaurant, Office known as Pejabat Urusan, Grocery shop as Kadai Runcit and so forth. Other business activities which are rarely market example Wellness Centre, Direct Selling, Massage Centre and others. We will assist client to get the better Bahasa Malaysia name for all this kind of business activity. Let us know if you are facing this kind of problem and do not sure what kind of natural business it is. Find us for assist! Click here.

After you have knowing what kind of natural business you should apply. Now you have to start to do the renovation if you want to. Renovate the room or shop does not relate to the business license. Some of our clients though that they must get the business license then only start the renovation. In facts, town council reject the license application which without attached the shop photos after done renovate. This is because they want to ensure you are ready to operate a business. Thus, they also want to see your floor plan layout is it match with your natural of business. Example, a beauty centre must has a layout plan with a lot of partitions, rooms, and broken walls.

However, there is special case which is opposite with the situation above. Some of the town council restrict on the renovation process. Especially for those who wants to apply factory license, we will check on the floor layout plan before advise to proceed the business license application. Renovation which involve complicated process, material and others need to further checking so that there will no other issue occur during license application or after license application. If you are planing to do a complex renovation for your shop and not sure whether need to apply renovation & partition permit. Contact us to get advise about it. Click here.

If above situation not in your concern, then you can proceed to next step. In this stage, we will list out the documents which require to prepare for license application. Document must be completed ready in order to submit to town council. Miss out one document require, town council reject the application. Below are the documents require to prepare for basic business & signboard license application. Please note that different council has different requirement, to check what are others document needed.

Documents for apply Business & Signboard license in Malaysia

1. Full set of SSM, M&A, Form 24, 49, & 9

  • There are different type of SSM depends on your type of business. Just make sure prepare in full set of company registration documents. Please take note that some are the town council request full set of SSM with Certify True Copy stamp. But some are not necessary needed.

2. Tenancy agreement Or Sale and Purchase agreement

  • Certain town council like DBKL does not need stamping on tenancy agreement. Other town council such as MBPJ, MPKJ, MBSA must has stamping on it. Need service for stamping agreement? Click here for assist.

3. Director’s IC and passport photo

  • Both are necessary to prepare  for submission. But make sure select one of the director in Form 49 or in SSM.

4. Certificate of Fitness

  • Certificate of Fitness is also known as CF. It is a certificate to prove this building has been established  by follow the the regulations which set by local authorize. And also approved by local authorize as well. Tenant can request this CF from landlord. Different building has different type of CF. Sample shows below:

Click here if you cann’t get this CF from landlord


5. Cukai Pintu & Cukai Tanah

  • Some of the town council would request this Cukai Pintu or Cukai Tanah. Same as CF, you can get it the photocopy from asking your landlord. However, please do ask your landlord to clear the fees of both cukai before pass it to you. Cukai hasn’t clear payment will not be accepted by town council. Sample are shows below:

Click here if you cann’t get this from your landloard

Cukai Pintu / Cukai Taksiran                                                         Cukai Tanah

6. Bomba Certificate

  • You can find your bomba certificate as long as you got the fire extinguisher. Bomba certificate is stick on it. At least must have 2 bomba certificate which mean 2 units of fire extinguisher minimum per one shop lot. Want to buy or renew fire extinguisher? Click here for assist.

Bombe certificate on Fire extinguisher

Other additional documents require

Below will show you some of the additional documents depend on what is your business activity will do. Normal business activities like Grocery shop, office, Retails shop and other would not need to prepare those additional documents. However, others business activities such as Academy, Restaurant, Kindergarten, Beauty & Spa, Fitness Centre, Saloon and so forth. All this must provide additional documents for submission.

1. Food Course Certificate (For Restaurant)

  • Employer must encourage all the staff to attend the food course. This is not only to get the certificate but also to ensure all the staff have the clear knowledge of sanitation point. Whoever involve handling of food and beverage must attend this course. (To get this service, click here for assist)

2. Pest control (For Restaurant and F&B industry)

  • The purpose of using pest control is to keep clean of your business environment. Just provide us the pest control agreement will do. And the supplier will run their duty base on the agreement stated. (To get this service, click here to assist)

3. TY2 Injection (For Restaurant and F&B industry)

  • Simple step to get the TY2 injection, employee bring all the staff to any one of the clinic and request to take TY2 Injection will do.

4. Install Grease trap & Chimney (For Restaurant and F&B industry)

  • Any Restaurant which does not install both of it, officer from town council has the authorize to issue a penalty or fine.

5. Certificate of professional (For Beauty & Saloon)

  • Employee must ensure their staff has the certificate on doing this professional duty. This is to protect your own business if occur mistake on provide the services.

6. Certificate or authorize letter from Local Education Department (For Academy, tuition and Kindergarten)

  • Without the authorize approval from local education department, business which relate to education cannot be run.

There are more other documents to prepare base on your natural business. If you are not sure about what are the additional documents need to prepare for your business. Contact us for the solutions. 


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  1. I operate a therapy center (Rawatan Kesihatan – C019), need to renew my license. I was thought that all my staff need to go for TY2 injection. Is this the procedure ??
    Please advise.

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