About Us

Toh’s Sign Informatic has been established since in year 1997 . Mr.CK Toh who is the founder of the Toh’s Sign Informatic continue explore about license and improve service to meet customers’requirement. Although we have over 20 years of experience in providing expert licensing advises base on different kind of situation that customers’ face. But we see ourselves more likely to be problem solver instead of consultants. We listen and understand our customers on what kind of situation they are facing. Provide consultant on what of license they should apply and get it to them as fast as we could.  We try our best to serve and assist customers whatever and whenever they request.


To implement and contribute all type of licensing knowledge and application across the whole Malaysia effectively.


  • To provide one stop service from consultancy to end sales service.
  • To assist and obtain the most satisfy outcome that client’s need.
  • To care of client’s need, we willing to listen and get the solution to best serve our client.
  • To maintain the long-lasting relationship with our clients.

Our New logo description

We mainly use earth to represent our market. And there are total of six blue liner which represent the runner industry. Furthermore we are the yellow liner which meaning that we are the 1st full construct and advisory in runner licensing industry among others competitors. Truly said we are the only one did providing full range of licensing application and one stop reliable service to our customers in this field.